Pregnancy and Chiropractic

I have been treating an expecting mother, Steph, with Chiropractic care once a month. This is her second child. When carrying her first, without Chiropractic care, she had what she called a “Dead Leg”, no feeling in her leg, as well as moderate to severe low back and hip pain. Adding Chiropractic care while carrying her second, Steph reported she has little to no back pain and no “Dead Leg” either! I have also been using Kinesiotape to support her back and lower abdomen. Here is some feedback Steph emailed me:

“So far I really like the tummy tape.
What small amount of stretchy pain I was experiencing I haven’t felt since being taped. It just feels like good added support. Especially in my workouts I don’t feel like I might be stretching or ready to tear any muscles.”


“Just checking in to say the tape really is helping. I was having some pelvic pain and pressure that was starting to concern my Dr. She was going to start placing restrictions. But since you’ve taped my belly I haven’t had as many or long lasting issues. Also happy to report no back pain at all.”

Having back pain and need help? Expecting mother looking to make carrying much easier? Call (302) 300-4242 or schedule online at   NOTE: Steph consented to allowing me to reproduce these pictures as well as her feedback.

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